Here I try to count
all the things I found out
cannot gather the mess you left behind
but we are way too proud
empty words pass me by
don’t you feel it?
all this void inside, this void inside

take, all your lies away, can’t you hear me?
pain, pain that never ends, never ends

Here you are now
all my strains worthwhile
just a rebound to resume my life
and I finally feel I can go without him now
lie to myself all is left behind, he’s left behind

I need you to fade away, and I don’t want it
pain, take this pain away, coz I can’t take it

black and white re-runs
summer nights, running red lights
on the beach, please don’t stop now
had I known…

oh I hate you to fade away, and pride is burning
stay, stay tonight and pray, but tomorrow I’m leaving…